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Home Inspections

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The basic home inspection package covers a multitude of issues in the home including those found in roofing, all interior  and exterior components, structural components, plumbing system and electrical systems, heating/central air conditioning systems, insulation and ventilation, built-in kitchen appliances, attached and detached garages, as well as inspections of out-buildings, such as sheds and barns. 

Additionally, Cottage 2 Castle is one of the few inspection companies to use carbon monoxide detectors to determine if a home’s furnace is functioning properly.
Pricing is determined by the home’s square footage.


Additional inspections, such as Radon Testing using Continuous Radon Monitors, Termite Inspection, Mold Testing and Well Potability Testing can be bundled after booking by calling or emailing and receiving a quote.

Additional Services

Sewer Scope Inspection

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Sewer scope inspections are extremely important due to the clay soil present in Northern Colorado and Wyoming. Clay is an expansive soil that has the potential to shift sewer lines underground. Repairing the sewer line is likely the most expensive hidden repair a potential buyer can come across.


Sewer scope inspections are performed by inserting a specialized camera into a home's main sewer line to determine defects in the plumbing system.

Radon Testing

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Radon levels in Colorado are some of the highest in the nation. Radon is a deadly gas that seeps into homes, and is the second leading cause of lung cancer, according to the EPA. Radon mitigation is an expensive renovation required by the home owner. 

The inspector will return to the testing area to retrieve the radon detector after the radon levels have been monitored for 48 hours. Following pickup, radon level results can be determined immediately. An emailed copy of the radon level report will be sent to the customer that same day.

Infrared Thermography Inspection

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Using a special type of camera that captures the temperature of areas in the home, an inspector can discover hidden moisture leaks within the walls, ceilings, roof and plumbing fixtures. They can also determine overheating electrical panels and defective air conditioning units.

Mold Testing

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Mold is a deadly presence that occurs in many homes affected by water damage. The spores are very harmful to individuals with sensitive lungs, and the removal process is expense, largely requiring major renovations. 

The inspector will perform a non-invasive open air mold test to determine mold levels present within walls and in high-moisture areas of the home. Pricing for testing will be determined by the square footage of the home, with a minimum fee of $200.00.

Termite Inspection

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Subterranean termites are a species of wood-eating insects that can be present in homes throughout the Northwest, including in Colorado and Wyoming. Termite infestation can lead to major structural damage in homes. Termite mitigation is one of the most costly renovations required on home owners.


Termite inspection is highly recommended on homes older than twenty years, and Cottage 2 Castle is one of the area's only certified pest inspectors.

Well Potability Test

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Testing well potability determines if a home’s well water source is safe for consumption. Harmful materials such as lead, and deadly bacteria such as E. coli can taint drinking water. Any home that pulls drinking water from a well source should be tested.

Lawn and Sprinkler Inspection

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Sprinkler inspections are strongly advised, and are often overlooked by potential buyers. Leakage can lead to costly repairs, and there a many potential defects in sprinkler systems.